Who Is CVMN?

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Who we are

Steven Hofmeister which some may know as "Hoffy" is no stranger to multimedia, podcasts and video production.  Hoffy has participated in or produced several multimedia productions or websites since 2008. Hoffy operates hoffysworld.com which is his blog containing multiple topics, Hoffy also hosts The Hoffy's Workshop Show on Youtube®.  Hoffy is a retired private security supervisor with ton's of time on his hands. Hoffy is the primary manager of this project assisted by his Son Kyle Hofmeister.

Kyle Hofmeister when not tending to his various RPG's (Role Play Games) and cyber banter with friends all over the world works in the construction trade.  Kyle is helping with this project spreading the word and is dabbling with production ideas of his own.

It is not uncommon to find them talking about concepts and ideas for this broad potential project.

What we do

The Creative Vision Media Network is a production entity that produces web-shows and audio/video content for education and entertainment online.

The Creative Vision Media Network now operates solely as a production entity for productions developed or produced by Steven "Hoffy" Hofmeister and Kyle Hofmeister.  The Creative Vision Media Network or "CVMN" supports the internet, social media, and operational presence for these productions.

As of October 21st, 2017, "CVMN" or The Creative Vision Media Network is NOT a Multi-Channel Network

Until recently The Creative Vision Media Network was being developed as a network or MCN (Multi-Channel Network) for productions hosted on platforms such as YouTube.  Because of recent changes to the YouTube Partnership Program and other matters beyond our control we have ceased operation in that capacity.