Help Desk

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Welcome to the

Creative Vision Media Network Help Desk!


We have Our Help Desk divided into several Departments so that the correct people can address your issue.  In order to speed your issue please review the following Department Descriptions for the correct Department for your issue.  Thanks.

Accounting Department

The Accounting Department handles all monetary and payment related issues.

Advertising & Marketing Department

The Advertising and Marketing Department handles issues and sales of Advertising space and air-time on CVMN Programming and Sanctioned Media.

Cyber Technology Support Department

The Cyber Technology Department handles all support Technical Support issues regarding the Internet Connected Services we utilize, and the websites and services we provide to our Shows, Producers, and Channels. General Technical Support for the Main CVMN Public Website is available as well.

Production and Programming Department

The Production & Programming Department handles Technical Support, Production Assistance, and Scheduling Issues of our Producers, Shows, and Partner Channels.

Compliance & Licensing Department

The Compliance and Licensing Department handles all issues regarding licensing permissions, extended license permission requests, legal compliance, policy compliance with our outgoing services, and similar matters of licensing