Dropping The Curtain – The Hoffy’s Workshop Show To Cease Production

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After many difficult choices and decisions, we have chosen to cease production of the Hoffy’s Workshop Show.  But, take heart I plan on continuing making videos about my workshop endeavors on a less produced and fluid level at http://hoffysworld.com.

We ceasing production simply because Hoffy just can’t keep up the pace of producing an organized show, and frankly doing so was sucking the fun out of it.  Add on the recent changes made at YouTube and the benefit of the organized show just didn’t add up anymore, and would have been even more work to produce and publicise.

If you are a Patreon supporter of the Hoffy’s Workshop Show, we encourage you to redirect your funding to our Hoffy’s World Patreon.  You can find this information at http://hoffysworld.com.

Thank you, All for the Love, Views, and Support!


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