Rethinking Our Partnership Strategy

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CVMN To Cease Partnership with External Channels

Recent changes to the YouTube Partnership Program has caused us to rethink our strategy as to how to work CVMN.  This change has had a negative effect on our efforts.  Effective immediately, We will be limiting the activities of The Creative Vision Media Network to in-house production only.  Plainly speaking, we will not be partnering with shows and other channels outside of our direct production.

We currently can not guarantee any advantage to other channels and producers partnering with us at this time.  We are saddened by this strong blow to our efforts but have deemed it to be unavoidable.  We will also be allowing our own in-house productions to partner with MCN’s or other network offerings since we will not be operating in this capacity.  The Creative Vision Media Network will operate only as a production entity from this point.  We will consider operation as an MCN or network if events and circumstances change in the future.

If you would like to participate or collaborate with one of our in-house productions, like The Hoffy’s Workshop Show, or the soon to come Inspire Gaming that is still possible as this action does not affect those productions or future in-house developed productions.

We are always interested in hearing new ideas or ideas on how to improve our current productions.  So speak up, we’re listening.

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