The Hoffy’s Workshop Show Gearing Up For Official Return

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Steve “Hoffy” Hofmeister the Host of The Hoffy’s Workshop Show and Co-Founder of CVMN is announcing that production efforts for “The Show” are underway.  Hoffy recently released a few short videos from the workshop over the last week as testing of the production equipment is being done.  Hoffy also released a short video explaining the sudden stop in production of the show 2 years ago.

“We are hoping to take the show to a whole new level this time”, Hoffy explains. “We have been doing testing to see if we can actually manage to do a live version of the show where viewers can interact via a chat room environment or even be brought in live via webcam to interact and participate as well.” Hoffy Continued.

He further explained that there are a lot of monetary and technical hurdles that still need to be handled in order to do a structured live show.  The live show will then be released as an unedited version, and a cleaner refined version for more discriminating viewers and potentially younger audiences.

Hoffy also has announced that he has joined the service Patreon.  Patreon is a service which allows the viewers of The Hoffy’s Workshop Show, and those who follow his Hoffy’s World Blog Site to contribute monthly toward the production of the show and Hoffy’s Blog.  Unique Rewards and Content will develop over time for those who contribute, but no definitive list of these Rewards has been totally decided as of yet.  Hoffy added that he is open to suggestions.  He strongly recommends that Creators of all genres look into this service in order to supplement their craft Check it out.

If you would like to contribute to Hoffy’s Production Efforts you can do so at

An official production and release date has not been set at this time, but he is surely itching to get underway.

You can view past episodes of The Hoffy’s Workshop Show at

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