CREATE Radio Looking For Interesting Podcasts & Shows

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CREATE Radio is actively looking for interesting content and show hosts.

If you have a podcast or would be interested in hosting a Live Show about your “Creative” themed topic, we would love to hear from you.  CREATE Radio is interested in podcasts and show topics about:

  • Independent Music & Bands Looking for Exposure
  • Topics about creative hobbies, such as model building, sculpting, painting, brewing, basically anything where something is being made, altered, or otherwise.
  • How To Topics, such as how to repair that broken dresser or other creative repair tricks
  • “Maker” Topics, such as how to build your own robot or make a unique electronics project.

These are only examples of course, we would love to hear more! if you would be interested or would like to find out more email  More details on how you can participate with the Creative Vision Media Network will be coming soon.

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