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Dropping The Curtain – The Hoffy’s Workshop Show To Cease Production

After many difficult choices and decisions, we have chosen to cease production of the Hoffy’s Workshop Show.  But, take heart I plan on continuing making videos about my workshop endeavors on a less produced and fluid level at We ceasing production simply because Hoffy just can’t keep up the pace of producing an organized […]

Rethinking Our Partnership Strategy

CVMN To Cease Partnership with External Channels Recent changes to the YouTube Partnership Program has caused us to rethink our strategy as to how to work CVMN.  This change has had a negative effect on our efforts.  Effective immediately, We will be limiting the activities of The Creative Vision Media Network to in-house production only.  Plainly speaking, […]

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S2:E1 The Relaunch Episode

The long awaited, hiccup plagued, often delayed release of The Hoffy’s Workshop Show  Season #2 Episode #1 The Relaunch Episode In this Relaunch Episode for Season #2, Hoffy catches us up on where things are at and some changes that have been made.  Hoffy later shows us how he makes Microphone stands out of PVC […]

Eager Fingers Lead To Premature Action

There was a little confusion this morning regarding the release of the relaunch episode.  The social media announcement of the episode’s release was premature in relation to the video completing its processing through YouTube. This has resulted in the video not appearing or being reporting as it has been deleted.  The episode has indeed been deleted […]

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